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South Korea

Local Information

  • Capital Seoul
  • Language Korean
  • Currency South Korean Won
  • Tip 0% – tipping is not customary
  • Time Zone GMT+9
  • Electricity Plug Types C and F (220v)

Destination Overview

A nation deeply rooted in textile traditions, South Korea has been making and designing textiles that are not just functional but also profound expressions of culture and art for centuries. Quilting is a remarkable facet of South Korea’s textile heritage, and, on our expert-led crafting holidays, you can delve into quilting traditions and Korean patchwork techniques alongside local quilters and crafters.

South Korea is home to the Daegu Textile Complex, where you can delve into the intricate world of South Korean textiles, gaining insights into the nation's innovative approaches to production. The museum also showcases the evolution of textile craftsmanship, weaving, dyeing, and their cultural significance.

From the Seoul Handicraft Museum to the Chojun Textile and Quilt Art Museum, South Korea is dedicated to preserving and celebrating its crafting traditions. Find yourself intrigued, impressed and astonished when you join us on a crafting holiday here, honing your skills and learning new techniques as you go with our hands-on workshops!

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