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South East Asia

Destination Overview

Step into South East Asia on a fascinating crafting holiday, where textiles hold a profound historic and cultural significance and are used in rituals, ceremonies and traditional attire. You can discover the patterns and motifs that convey South East Asian stories, beliefs, and social status alongside our experienced experts, visiting local weavers and designers and learning their traditional and intricate techniques.

In Laos, the enchanting city of Luang Prabang is not only celebrated for its historic monuments and monasteries but for its rich weaving tradition, passed down through generations. And, from the bustling markets of Bangkok to the serene villages of Chiang Mai, the art of weaving is an important part of Thai culture. While preserving their heritage, South East Asian artisans blend time-honoured techniques with modern influences in textile design and production, creating a dynamic fusion of old and new. This combination is wonderful to witness and guaranteed to inspire your own holiday projects!

Join us in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia on an immersive, fully escorted holiday, exploring these long-standing traditions and delving into the masterful creativity behind them.

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