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The Middle East

Destination Overview

Embark on a crafting holiday to the Middle East, where textiles encompass a wide range of techniques, materials, and wonderfully intricate designs. These traditions have been cultivated for centuries, with each region contributing its unique style. The Silk Road in particular has influenced distinctive patterns and fabrics, with Islamic art and calligraphy being beautifully incorporated into textiles and handwoven rugs and carpets.

A land of ancient wonders, a crafting holiday to Jordan offers an in-depth look into the world of Middle Eastern crafts. Here, textile traditions are deeply rooted in the cultural fabric. Or, you could venture to Oman, where the artistry extends beyond textiles to traditional henna designs. Local artists create detailed patterns on hands and feet using henna, a natural dye, which is seen not just as a form of adornment, but a cultural expression that carries deep significance.

Explore these many fascinating inspirations in expert-led workshops and indulge in your crafting passion as you learn new skills and techniques. You’ll also have time to explore incredible sites such as the Tiraz Centre, which is home to spectacular collections of Palestinian, Jordanian and Arab traditional dress, and enjoy retail therapy as we stroll through vibrant souks. Let us inspire your next crafting journey with our remarkable experiences…

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