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Janette Budge's Shetland Knitting Workshops for 2024

Janette Budge's Shetland Knitting Workshops for 2024 Posted by Maddey at StitchtopiaThursday 23rd November 2023

Alongside Hazel Tindall and Kathleen Anderson, our crafting expert Janette Budge ventures on a knitting holiday to the Shetland Islands next year, a place she knows very well. Born and raised in Shetland, Janette seeks to share the wonderful knitting heritage of her home with the younger generation, ensuring its legacy lives on. 

Inspired by the incredible nature and landscapes, Janette can’t wait to inspire you too! We are happy to introduce our wonderful expert as she shares details of the tour and the workshops.  

“Shetland is a knitters' heaven. From a visit to a farm to see the sheep themselves to discovering more of the island's extensive textile heritage of woven cloth, knitted lace and Fair Isle knitting at a museum, this tour will have you delving deeply into all things Shetland wool. You'll attend a variety of knitting classes to develop your own skills and go to a yarn shop or three to select colours for your next Shetland inspired knitting project.


Rolls of yarn and wool in a Shetland shop


Knitting, sheep and wool can be found around every corner along with beautiful scenic views and thousands of years of history.


A view of the ocean with puffins


Learn Fair Isle knitting techniques through the small pouch bag project, Fair Isle Yoke Bag. During the class, you will learn different approaches for selecting colours for your Fair Isle motifs, whether you want a more subtle look or bold and bright.

You will also discover: how to get an even tension; the best way to attach new colours; options for holding your yarns depending on your knitting style; how to carry your yarn at the back of your work (floats); how to decrease evenly for a Fair Isle yoke; AND tips on colour choice and patterns, whether you're a beginner or more advanced knitter!


An array of yarns in different colours


I'll provide a wide array of over 120 colours for you to choose from for the Fair Isle section of your bag – you just need to provide the base yarn for the project.”

If the Shetland Islands are on your bucket list, combine expert-led workshops with a discovery of the rich knitting heritage of this magnificent archipelago – book today!